Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Writing unit 9

An accident

Something happened few days ago which was a real test of my honesty. I was with Cristina and we were walking to the city center. Near the hospital, front of the library and we found an envelope with 1.000€. We were really surprised that was a lot of money and we didn’t know what we could do in that situation.

After that Cristina thought that the best idea was to bring that envelope to the police.

‘Where did you found that?’ The policeman asked.

‘We found that envelope in front of the library 30 minutes ago.’ We answered.

‘Thank you for bring it to the police center, a woman has just called and she said that she had lost money in that zone.’ He said. ‘She was going to the bank but she lost the envelope in her way.’

In the end, nothing bad happened, the woman who lost the money could have it back. At the beginning we had doubts if we should kept the money or give it to the police. When we saw that someone had lost it and could have it back, we felt so happy and we’d done the right thing.

Writing unit 8

A happy ending:


This time last year, things weren’t going too well for me. I’d had an argument with my best friend , and I’d also left my ballet lessons. My other friends invited me out, but I didn’t really want to go out with them. I spent a lot of time listening music in my room and watching movies.

Everything changed for me the day I saw a programme about be a volunteer in a summer camp. The volunteers were helping the camp counselors; both were really funny and responsible. They made me realize that I should be a bit more positive. I found out that volunteers could stay all the summer there, so I stayed with them.

These days, I feel much happier. Working as a volunteer has made me feel more useful and sociable. We’re looking if we can be volunteers again next summer, because it was super funny and we want to spend the next one all together. If I hadn’t seen the programme, I’d never have had the opportunity to work with kids and have so much fun.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

writing unit 7

Changing laws


The government plans to introduce a new lay which will mean to introduce school on Saturday. In my view, this would have some negative consequences.

In the first place, In my opinion this would have positive for our education consequences but it won't be a good idea for teenagers. It probably improve our lever in all the country.

I think that this is unfair because on Saturday, teachers should work and the state will pay you more. And now, this is not good knowing we are in crisis. Ther is an alternative method to achieve the government's aims that approved a new law.


Finally, the alternative methods about the plans to introduce school on saturday are with internet or like always, going to the school. The results shoudn't be agreed for guys. 

If the aim of the government is to lower the number of people who leaves the studies, it seems to me that there’s a better alternative: if they remove bad results, education in this country would be safer.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Everest: Climbers Steck and Moro in fight with Sherpas

Police in Nepal are investigating an alleged fight between two famous European climbers and their Nepalese mountain guides on Mount Everest. Switzerland's Ueli Steck and Simone Moro from Italy were at 7,470m (24,500ft) when the brawl occurred.
The pair allegedly ignored orders to hold their climb and triggered an icefall which hit the Sherpas laying fixed ropes. The climbers deny this.
Mr Steck told the BBC that their three-man team - which included Briton Jonathan Griffith - was nearing Camp Three on Saturday, when the "conflict" broke out.
He said they had been keeping a respectful distance so as not to disturb the work of the Sherpas laying ropes.
The climbers continued to Camp Three but later descended to Camp Two to "finish the discussion" and were met by more than 100 angry Sherpas, who began to beat them and throw rocks, Mr Steck said.
He said the Sherpas threatened to kill the climbers if they did not leave the camp.
One of the Sherpas threw a pocket knife at Mr Moro but "luckily [it] just hit the belt of his backpack", Mr Steck said, adding that they escaped with no serious injuries.
Mr Steck said the conflict was the symptom of a long-term problem of "cultures", but did not elaborate.
"The climbers believe that the lead Sherpa felt that his pride had been damaged as the climbers were moving unroped and much faster," the statement added.

Why is it relevant to you? Yes, I don't really know the thruth but I think that that happened because the climbers wanted to climb up with no Sherpas.
How is this connected with other news that have an impact on our world ? It isn't connected with any other new because it hasn't happened anything similar before.

Justin Bieber tackled by fan during Dubai stage show

A member of the audience at Justin Bieber's stage show in Dubai tackled the singer from behind while he was performing at a grand piano.
Bieber managed to free himself and ran to the side of the stage while security guards grabbed the intruder, who managed to knock the piano over and onto its side.
The singer later retweeted descriptions of the "mayhem".
He later tweeted: "Dubai. Nothing stops the show. 2 more to go."
Footage on YouTube shows Bieber carried on performing while security guards removed the fan and picked up the piano.
He is in the middle of a world tour called Believe which began last September and includes about 100 dates.

Why is it relevant to you? I think that the fans shouldn't go to the stage, because he was singing for them and also everyone knows that if you go up to the stage the security will quickly take you out of there.
How is this connected with other news that have an impact on our world? We all kno that teenagers do that crazy stuff for see them idols, it's not the first time that that happened, but we haven't hear for a long while of anything similar in any Justin Bieber concert. 


Bride, 4 friends die in bachelorette limo

The white stretch Lincoln was headed across San Francisco Bay, carrying the bride-to-be and eight of her friends for a bachelorette party.

Five of them, including the bride, never made it across.

Somewhere on the seven-mile San Mateo-Hayward bridge, the limousine caught fire. The driver and four members of the bachelorette party got out, but the bride and four others died in the burning limo Saturday night, the California Highway Patrol said.
The driver was uninjured, but the four surviving women were treated for smoke inhalation, California Highway Patrol spokesman Ron Simmons said Sunday. The cause of the blaze was under investigation.

Why is it relevant to you? This new is relevant for me because it was all about a wedding but couldn't start because that bad new happened.
How is this connected with other news that have an impact on our world? Car accidents are not unusal in every single each country, and a lot of them have a bad ending with deaths or injures. 


Art in the air

No, this man isn't a superhero... he's an artist. Li Wei, from China, looks like he can fly in his photos, but it's an illusion. He uses mirrors and cables, and then removes the objects from the image with a computer. But this time he forgot to remove all of the cables... whoops